Spring semester 2021

Weekday Intensive Courses

Beginner 1: Beginner 1-1a + Beginner 1-1b + Beginner 1-2 + Beginner 1-3

Beginner 2: Beginner 2-1 + Beginner 2-2

Intermediate 1: Intermediate 1-1 + Intermediate 1-2

Intermediate 2: Intermediate 2-1 + Intermediate 2-2


From Spring 2021, if you take the same level(class) twice, you will get 40% discount to the second registration.
Don’t stop learning! 🙂

All classes are targeted at adults and students(8th grade or above). If you are younger than 8th grade, contact us.

August 2021

Course nameStartEndDaysTimeHoursPrice NOKSign up!
Beginner 1-1a17-08-202114-09-2021Tue, Thu17:00 – 18:45181700Sign up!
Beginner 1-316-08-202122-09-2021Mon, Wed19:00 – 20:45242300Sign up!
Beginner 2-216-08-202122-09-2021Mon, Wed17:00 – 18:45242300Sign up!
Intermediate 1-217-08-202114-10-2021Tue, Thu19:00 – 20:45302500Sign up!

September, October 2021

Course nameStartEndDaysTimeHoursPrice NOKSign up!
Beginner 1-1b21-09-202126-10-2021Tue, Thu17:00 – 18:45181700Sign up!
Beginner 2-113-10-202122-11-2021Mon, Wed19:00 – 20:45242300Sign up!
Intermediate 1-113-10-202101-12-2021Mon, Wed17:00 – 18:45302500Sign up!


Where are the classes held?
Homansbakken 2, 0352 Oslo(Kristelig Gymnasium)  
Are the teachers certified?

Yes, our teachers are certified in teaching Korean as a foreign language.